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Safety And Quality Policy

I.A.M.C Engineering & Maintenance “Safety and Quality Policy” states: “Airworthiness and Quality Maintenance of aircraft and aircraft components is our highest priority. We are committed to continuously improve the quality of all our products and services to our customers’ satisfaction. This includes safety, reliability, performance and customer values. Recognizing safety as prime consideration, we will ensure the compliance of standards and recommended maintenance practices through the application of human factor principles and encouraging personnel to identify hazards, report maintenance & safety related errors / incidents. Safety policy shall be reviewed annually. Human factor and Safety Management System training will be imparted to all personnel of the Organization. We are committed that safety standards shall not be compromised at any cost even on commercial imperative and best use of resources will be ensured through unsurpassed planning practices whereas our training methodology will ensure error free maintenance with quality and safety at first attempt. Compliance with procedures, regulations, quality and safety standards, and cooperation with quality and safety auditors is responsibility of all personnel of IAMC Engineering & Maintenance.”